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Update! More pictures were added on December 26, 2001. Click on "Picture Gallery" to see what is new!

Hello! You have found my web site and I am so excited! I love attention, I really do. Before I was born, if Mommy seemed like she was trying to sleep or something dull like that, I tickled her under the ribs a few times to remind her that I was still there! :-)

About My Name: My middle name, June, is my Grandmother's name (my Mom's mom). My Grandma was very proud of her grandchildren and I am proud to have her name as my middle name. My first name, Naomi ("nay-oh-me"), was picked by my parents after considering many candidate names. Naomi is from the Hebrew root, "naam," which means "pleasant" or "beautiful." My Mommy and Daddy think I am both, and I, of course, agree! Here are links to two web pages that discuss the origin of my first name: http://www.behindthename.com/n.html and http://www.babywatch.to/namesuk/n/naomi.html.

Learn More About Me: Click on the "About Me" button over on the left side of the page and read more about me.

Some Pictures of Me: There are two sets of pictures you can look at right now. The first set consists of some of my ultrasound pictures from April, May, and June of 2001. The second set consists of four pictures from my first few hours of life! You can view both sets of pictures by clicking on the "Picture Gallery" button over on the left. Check back often as Mommy and Daddy will be adding new pictures as I grow up!

My Big Sister Annabelle's Web Site: My big sister, Annabelle, has a web site, too. Hers is a little more complete than mine but that is just because she is 19 months older than me. Just wait until I catch up! The URL for her site is: http://www.brockster.com/baby.

How to Contact Me: Send e-mail to my Mommy, Jennifer Stier, or my Daddy, Brock Wood, at these e-mail addresses:


See you later!

- Naomi June

Last Updated: December 26, 2001